To realize our vision it is a necessary condition to ensure equal access in all aspects of life for all persons involved. To this end, our Association and the Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County develops a joint project which we plan is going to help equal access in the town of Szolnok to be really met, because without that the majority of people with disabilities are not capable of an independent self-governing life.

In connection with the Life-Path-Chance Project, all private and public providers in the town's public services are scheduled for a "visit". The visits aim to help. During the visits - eventually we would like to see all institutions of Szolnok - we assess to what extent is the level of equal access from the point of view of physical and info-communicational accessibility. What things are given, where there is still room for improvement, we propose solutions for any deficiencies and highlight the existing positives.
The project is primarily not about "by-the-book" full accessibility but about usability. In many cases, we know of already completely or partially appropriate and accessible buildings, roads and service providers. It is important to note also that in most cases an empathetic administrator, a well "sensitized", worker who attended awareness-raising sometimes can be more helpful than any other device or physical accessibility.

Upon request, we undertake free of charge awareness-raising, sensitivity training programs for administrators, concerning both target (visually and physically) disabled groups. After the visits, we would like to display our city's institutions , service providers and transport of accessibility certification and proposals in digital and printed form, which we constantly would like to update, so we can provide useful information for local residents and those visiting our town. 

Tünde Fehérváry

The document is in hungarian language. 


NEA-TF-15-SZ-0319 sz. pályázat

ABOUT US! project, which in 3 in 1 is a "sensitizing-information" task in each settlement with the involvement of partners. Our Assosication in 12 settlement of the county! Our Assosication, with the participation of the county libraries of the Verseghy Ferenc Library and Public Education Institution, with the involvement of the Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired JNSZM, the SINOSZ County Organization, the regional staff of the Hungarian Red Cross JNSZM Organization and the Szolnok School Protective Association, we have a one-day program in the cooperating settlement. The elements of the program are "sensitizing" the participants in the program, "catching up" the village and interacting with them and "informing" them.
The document is in hungarian language. 

Szolnoki járás Esélyteremtő Programterve

Szolnok Region Chance Creation Program, part of Tünde Fehérváry: Situation and challenges in the field of disability (page 69-87). An appendix to the program plan: The situation of severely disabled children and their families, their possibilities in the settlements of the Szolnok district (page 129).
The document is in hungarian language.