The Association was founded in Szolnok in autumn of 2012 targeting disabled (primarily mobility disabled) adults and parents who raise severely - multiply disabled children in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

Our Association's mission is to help severely - multiple disabled people to live a full life from birth to elderly age according their conditions, taking into account and enforcing their specific individual interests.

Aims of our association: advocacy, unity, and facilitating the involvement in social, economic and cultural life of severely-multiple disabled children, young people, their fostering families, and adults with disabilities living in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county by uniting individual efforts and supporting the social environment. "I ALSO AM", because everybody has to be full-fledged part of society!

In order to achieve the above objectives, a life-following program has been developed, that is based around the four main stages of life.

1. Babyhood: prevention, early screening, early intervention, skills and motor development,
2. School age and young adulthood: development, education, autonomy education
3. Adulthood: employment, achieve self-determination, independent living,
4. Elderly age: Family and relationships, care and welfare systems.

Our Association's vision: Helping taking disabled people (primarily severely - multiply mobility disabled people) equal parts of the social life and representing particular interests with civilian organizations.

Habilitation and rehabilitation get our emphasized attention, as well as family is the most important community in one's life. The "WE ARE ALSO HERE" program series (chance lessons, tolerance days, sensitive talk, surveys of obstacle clearing and helpdesk) is connected to raising awareness of the society which goal is to help the reception.

Our functions: guidance of obstacle clearing, giving information, service, clubs, social programs and employment of pepople who have changed ability to work.

Realization of full access in all parts of the life is an indispensable condition of equal opportunities. "LIFE-PATH-CHANCE Project For Accessible Szolnok" is being continued in this perception.

Our colleagues are also disabled experts and affected parents. Upwards the professional work we want that if somebody turns us for help than he would be a part of a society where he/she can relax and recharge with his/her fellows. Self-help groups and regular office hours help people who turn for help. We organize 5 permanent programs yearly for our members and their families:

  • Carnival dance
  • Holiday of work
  • Camp of "I ALSO AM ON A HOLIDAY"
  • Crop dance
  • Christmas and year-end

Our association is waiting interests.
Please look for us from any part of the world

  • as affected
  • as a volunteer
  • or as a supporter

Please help our work to make our motto come true: Step-by-step, together to our goals!

Tünde Fehérváry

Official datas

Bank: Erste Bank
Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-84800233

Tax number: 18337653-1-16

Registration number: 16-02-0002499