Our association acts as a public benefit, nonprofit organization, in addition to the headquarters of the Association at our site, PLUSZ POINT Community Place.

Some of our services.

Sorcery counselors are severely disabled people who, through their accumulated experiences and solved life situations, want to help people with disabilities to be actively, creatively, mentally self-conscious and consciously involved in life by developing independent decision-making skills.

Accessibility is a summary name of conscious activities that strive to provide conditions for different (physical, sensory or intellectual) people with disabilities that enable them to perform any activity that is hindered.

Early childhood interventions and prevention, continuous information provision and counseling for parents with disabilities, about effective methods and developments, the promotion of the development of a disabled child, support for the inclusion of a child and family, and a suitable institution for a child, and a specialist.

Our services are provided by our staff, experts and volunteers.

  • Attila Aba: rehabilitation engineer
  • Tünde Fehérváry: social assistant, sorcerer helper
  • Zsolt Fehérváry: auxiliary maintenance, mechanic
  • Péterné Zita Flasch: therapeutic dog instructor
  • Katalin Forgács: conductor, special educator
  • Gulyás Éva LLD: lawyer
  • András Mészáros: physiotherapist
  • Gabriella Mészáros: psychologist
  • Ildikó Nagy: physiotherapist
  • Katalin Scheitz: psychologist
  • Soós Róbert: rehabilitation engineer
  • Edina Tellérné: family support expert

How to use the services:

The prices quoted are for members of our Association!


Physiotherapy (personal) - 30 mins

1-2 times a week

1 000 Ft/person

Physiotherapy (group) - 30 mins

1-2 times a week

500 Ft/person

Therapeutic massage, massage - 30 mins

1-3 times a week

1 500 Ft/person

Bathing at Martfű Thermal Spa - 2 hrs

1-2 times a week

1 500 Ft/person

Special Education Development 

2 times a week (as needed)

2 000 Ft/person/hour

Mental assistance

Psychological counseling, problem processing, self-depression, occasional trauma, nightmare treatment, sependencies, depression 

Personal therapy

2 times a month (as needed)

2 500 Ft/occasion

Family therapy

2 times a month (as needed)

2 500 Ft/occasion

Phisycal aid

Personal assistance

as needed

400 Ft/hour

Cleaning service

as needed

400 Ft/hour

Delivery service "8 Keréken Szabadon"

as needed

0 to 50 kms - 100Ft/km
above 50 kms - 80Ft/km
Availability fee:

0-2 hrs - free,
above 2 hrs - every half an hour 300 Ft

Free services


as needed

Infant and toddler early screening 

Once a month (as needed)

Disability information

as needed


as needed

Rental of tools

as needed

Giving informations about therapy services

as needed

Giving informations about labor market

as needed 

Giving informations about disability education 

as needed

Legal aid

as needed

Order services

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